Sower Grant Disbursements

The Sowers Club accepts grant applications three times every year for review.  The three deadlines are February 15, June 15, and September 15.

You must have a 501(c)3 status for five years to apply for a Sowers grant. Upon submission, please include a copy of the "Letter of Determination" regarding your agency's 501(c)3 status and a copy of your annual report or current balance sheet outlining your administrative costs.  These documents can be emailed to

Grant Applications can be e-mailed to

Once a grant is submitted, the Sowers Grant Committee will review your grant in detail. Their recommendations will then be given to the Board of Directors for final approval at the Board's next regularly scheduled meeting. You are then notified by mail whether your application has been accepted or denied. If denied, you are welcome to apply during another grant cycle. This process takes approximately 30-45 days from the deadline date.

Please note that every grant received is reviewed based on its own merits. There are guidelines for our giving listed under “Priorities in Giving” on this website.

We appreciate your time and effort in submitting a grant proposal for review. May we all continue to help serve our community and those in need.

    Your application will be reviewed by the Grant Disbursement Committee and if additional information is needed we will be in contact. Applications will not be considered unless the Grant Application Form has been thoroughly completed and all requested documents have been submitted.

    Since 2000, The Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation has created four scholarship programs.  These programs were established to promote and encourage interest in education, and to help those whom otherwise would be unable to pay for their education. We thank you and encourage you to apply. For more information, please click on the respective scholarship you wish to apply for.

    Please direct any and all questions to The Sowers Club Foundation email: or call: 402-438-2244

    The Sowers Foundation Scholarship Program

    High School Seniors Scholarship

    All Majors Welcome to Apply

    Continuing Education Scholarship

    College Freshman thru Juniors, and ALL MAJORS Welcome to Apply

    Robert Milton Culinary Arts Scholarship

    College Freshman thru Juniors. Culinary Arts & Food Service Majors Welcome to Apply

    Oren Galloway BNSF Railroad Scholarship

    Burlington Northern RR Parent, College Freshman thru Juniors, and ALL MAJORS Welcome to Apply

    Please direct any and all questions to The Sowers Club Foundation email: or call: 402-438-2244

    Operator List 2020-2021

    Arnolds • 6113 Havelock

    Brewsky's-East • 2840 S. 70th Streeet

    Brewsky's-South • 1602 South Street

    Cappy's • 5560 S. 48th Street, Ste 4

    Captain Jack’s • 140 N. 12th St

    CJ's Sun Valley Bar & Grill • 200 West P Street

    Cliff’s Lounge • 1323 'O' Street

    Cliff’s Lounge II • 5310 S. 56th St, Ste 1

    First Avenue • 2301 N. 1st Street

    Harry's Wonder Bar • 1621 "O" Street

    Isles Lounge • 6232 Havelock Ave.

    Keg • 104 N. 20th Street

    Lincoln Race Course • PO Box 84876

    Misty's • 6235 Havelock Ave.

    N-Zone • 788 "Q" Street

    Old Pub • 408 S. 11th Street

    One More Bar • 836 N. 70th Street

    Patty’s Pub • 311 N. Cotner

    Risky's Sports Bar & Grill • 4680 Leighton Ave.

    Sportscasters • 3048 N. 70th Street

    Tack Room • 1445 Cornhusker Hwy

    The Pub • 4947 Holdrege Street

    Top Hat Tavern • 736 West Cornhusker Hwy

    Watering Hole • 1321 "O" Street

    Watering Hole - East • 8300 Northwoods Drive

    Watering Hole West • 1550 S. Coddington Ave Ste P

    Interested in becoming an Operator? 

    • In order to qualify for a pickle card operator's license, the applicant must hold a retail liquor license issued by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.
    • The Biennial fee for a pickle card operator license is $100.00
    • A pickle card operator's license entitles the business to sell pickle cards for any number of licensed organizations; however, before selling pickle cards for a particular organization, the pickle card operator must be authorized to do so by the Charitable Gaming Division.
    • A business must have both a pickle card operator's license and an authorization from the licensed organization for which it intends to sell pickle cards.
    • Pickle cards are sold to pickle card operators in the form of a "unit". The only person who is authorized to sell pickle card units to a pickle card operator is the licensed organization's sales agent.
    • Pickle card operators must pay for all pickle card units either in advance or upon delivery.
    • No one under 18 years of age is permitted to buy, sell, or play pickle cards.
    • Commissions depend on the "unit".
    • Pickle card operators are required to file with the Internal Revenue Service an Occupational Tax and Registration Return for Wagering, Form 11-C.

    Interested in Regulations? Learn more.