The Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation History

In 1986, the Foundation was created to be a charitable, philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in Nebraska.

The Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation is an organization exempt from income taxes under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 
This organization provides financial support to worth causes throughout the State by awarding community grants for qualifying charitable and educational organizations.

Over the years, The Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation developed a mission: To improve the quality of life in our Community & Nebraska by providing funding for a wide range of charitable giving with emphasis on youth; underprivileged, and education; and by providing a fiscally responsible program for protecting and growing the assets of the Foundation.

Due to the development of our mission, The Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation created criteria, which needed to be met, in order for a 501(c) 3 to receive funding from the Foundation.

The criteria focuses on:

  • Children
  • Underprivileged
  • Disabled
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Medical Support
  • Elderly
  • Education
  • Community Safety

In addition to disbursing monies to the community, The Sowers Club of Nebraska Foundation created a scholarship program. In 2000, the Milton Scholarship was created. This is a criteria-set scholarship that gives aide to culinary art students attending Southeast Community College.

In 2002, the Sowers Scholarship was created. This scholarship gives aide to students who attend any college or university in or around Lincoln.

Through grant disbursements and scholarships, the Foundation has been able to focus on meeting the communities’ needs, but the Foundation would like to focus on additional areas.

Over the years, the Foundation has developed a Code of Ethics Policy, Gift Acceptance Policy, and a Written Disbursement Policy. In addition, and endowment fund has been established.