School, Civic, and Community Acknowledgement Activity

Starting in the 1940's, the Sowers Club has participated in the School, Civic, and Community Acknowledgement Activity, formerly known as the Sowers Spring Trip.  During this activity, the Sowers visit area schools to entertain the lower grades.  Over the last few years, children have participated in Simon Says and the Chewing Gum Contest.  In addition, the teachers participate in the Teachers Dance Competition.  During this visit, a monetary donation is made to the elementary school to be used on any project of the school's choice.  With our mission being "Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Others", this activity is one, which enables us to meet our mission statement, as our goals include extending our generosity to Nebraska Communities.  The Sowers Members take great pride in visiting the Nebraska Communities and familiarizing themselves with the needs of that community.