Post Prom Funding - Lancaster County

In past years, Post Prom Committees were asked to send a letter to the Sowers Organization requesting funding for their post proms.  Due to receiving many requests, the Sowers Club of Lincoln, Inc. has limited the requests to Lancaster County.  If you are a school located in Lancaster County, seeking funding, please fill out and submit this form, no later than Monday, February 17, 2020.  


is requesting being considered for financial assistance for the post prom at above high school on:

It is understood that if the Sowers Club decides to honor this request that certain conditions must be met.  If these conditions are not fulfilled, future requests for assistance from the Sowers Club may be rejected.

  1. If funds are granted to above High School for Post Prom event, all of the funds are to be expended on this event and not used for any other school event or school organization event or held for future events or projects.
  2. If there are any advertisements, posters, or press releases acknowledging sponsors or donations from groups or individuals, the Sowers Club must be included in these materials.
  3. Information as to how the funds will be used must be listed - see line below. (i.e. food, prizes for games, overall expense fund, etc.)
  4. The information on this request form must be sent to the Sowers Club no later than Monday, February 17, 2020.  Request after this date may be subject to rejection.
(please list your personal address as the school does not efficiently notify the Post Prom Committee)

A Representative must attend the Post Prom Disbursement in order to receive funding.